DNCE Releases Surprise EP ‘People to People’

The funky pop group DNCE has returned with a new EP People to People. The semi-surprise release is the band’s first since the 2017 single “Kissing Strangers,” featuring Nicki Minaj.

People to People is comprised of a total of four tracks, and clocks in at short-but-sweet 13 minutes. Days leading up to the release, DNCE took to Instagram to announce and tease the new songs, including “TV in the Morning” and “Still Good.” 

In a series of videos, the band shared that People to People showcases a different, more serious side to their musicality. The new songs find frontman Joe Jonas singing sweetly about different aspects of romance, from casual encounters to maintaining the strength of a good and solid relationship.


1. TV In The Morning

2. Still Good

3. Lose My Cool

4. Man On Fire